About us

The Company

As Colution, we are specialised in helping organisations with their data-related challanges. We aim to offer every organization the opportunity to take the next step on their way to become a data-driven company. Data-driven decision making is becoming increasingly important to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. In every industry, organisations can benefit from being more data driven, for example by increasing efficiency through more informed decisions, fact-based operations, or having more structured business operations. No matter to what extent your organisation is currently using data in their daily operational, tactical and strategic decision making, we can help you take it to the next level.

The people

Geert Driessen

With great interest in analytics and an eye for visualization and the bigger picture, he wants to help companies to get more out of their data. With his master he works on optimizing business processes in the broadest sense. He has experience with data projects for several big organizations, including working as a support engineer at Prodrive Technologies.

Wichert Wessels

With a passion for tech and mathematics, complemented by a broad knowledge in the field of data analytics, data science and programming, Wichert likes to solve complex problems. Several internships extended the knowledge gained in University with additional skills in the field of machine learning, model deployment and data consultancy.

Tijmen van Zutphen

After his time at Young Advisory Group (YAG), he noticed that as a student with an engineering background you can be of help to organizations who have incentive to become more data driven. He wanted to be able to keep on helping companies after his time at YAG. This is why he started Colution with two of his talented student-colleagues.

Our Vision

As Colution we envision a future where every organisation is able to take the next step towards becoming data driven. As an organization, we aim to be value-driven and maintain professional standards to help organizations in a clear and sound way. These values reflect both our long-term vision and the way we help clients on a daily basis. With the right people, guided by the same vision and values, we can ensure constructive and rewarding collaborations.

Our Values